Why Us


Infrastructure optimization

Evaluate your current IT infrastructure and itentify the areas for improvement, analyse best methods and technologies to aid your business growth.

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Cloud Migration & Plan for upgrades

Still struggling on premise applications and installations? find out the advantages of moving into cloud based solutions that guarentees availability and reduces the hassles associated in running on premise IT.​Older systems and technologies will hold back your growth, explore the new technologies that drives faster productivity.

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Securing your data and infrastructure

Be sure your data is protected and your business is in line with Industry standards, that gives you the chance to explore new business oppurtunities.

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IT Project Management

​Imatesolutions provides a full range of IT Project Management services. The key success factor for every project is the project plan. ImateSolutions possesses a proven project implementation methodology. We use five standard steps to outline the project activities for any type of technological implementation. In addition, we offer standard project plans for different types of IT project implementation.

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